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Welcome to the website of DUKE AMPS

It's good to see you. Maybe you found this homepage because you are searching for the best amp sound for yourself. It was the same search that also raised my interest in vintage amps and in the idea of building vintage copies based on the layouts of the originals.

If you are like me, you will certainly agree that vintage amps simply sound the best. But if you want to buy yourself an original vintage Marshall, for example, you might very well have to put down 6.000 Euro. And it is another question whether you would take a jewel like that to a gig, because you would be too scared that it could get damaged or even stolen. Yet another question is whether you are willing to pay that amount of money for a forty-year old amp.

For me this was a good reason to look a little further into the topic of amp building and it was the start of my hobby which I would like to introduce to you - my  DUKE AMPS.

My DUKE AMPS are copies of vintage amps, built to the original specs, everything has been hand-wired and only the best of custom components have been utilized. So far, I have built 4 different types of amps, 3 of which are MARSHALL copies and another one is my own custom amp. Find out more about the amps on the  MY AMPS page.

The more I learned about amps the more I got interested in amp mods. How did Slash or Eddie Van Halen get their specific and legendary sounds? How did they fine-tune their amps, or in other words - how were their amps modded? This opened up an entirely new world to my "Sound Quest" with seemingly unending possibilities.  

You are welcome to listen to  Sound-Clips  of my amps and mods. If you like my Vintage Amp copies or if you are interested in my amp mods or if you have questions about those topics - please feel free to contact me. 

  Have a good time on this website. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Nigel Anderson

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